[Smart Agent] How to get mentioned in local and national publications without being annoying

I’ve been thinking a lot about PR lately. When I say PR, I mean getting your brand mentioned in local and national publications. It’s a great way to grow your real estate business. The benefits are numerous and include:

  • Building credibility
  • Better search engine visibility
  • Re-assuring existing clients (When they see you mentioned in publications, it verifies that they made a good decision choosing you.)
  • Content creation – these press mentions are great for marketing materials and supplementing content creation for your website.

When I saw these interesting realtor mentions in publications here and here, I decided to focus this week’s Smart Agent on the subject. Below are some resources that not only highlight the importance of PR, but give you some do’s and don’ts and tools to get started. Enjoy!

How Barbara Corcoran Used Press Mentions to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Empire

A Former Journalist’s Guide to Better PR Pitches
Former Journalist at New York Daily News turned PR person explains why she completely ignored and deleted PR emails en masse. She also asked some journalists to chime in and talk about the PR practices that drive them crazy. This is a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” that any PR person can and should live by.

5 Steps to Small Business Public Relations Success
The credibility that comes with media coverage is something you simply can’t buy and obtaining this coverage is something that you simply must make a part of your overall marketing system. While a spot on Good Morning America might not quite be in the cards at the moment, even the tiniest of local businesses can generate some media coverage in this day and age by simply adhering to this simple plan.

PR Hacking: 10 Tips That Will Probably Get Your Brand Mentioned on CNN
This article lays out Ben Kaplan of PR Hacker’s 10 essential laws of PR hacking — which could easily serve as a blueprint for your next public relations campaign. These tips work whether you’re bootstrapping a startup or working for an established brand.

PR Tools and Apps

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)
HARO provides journalists with a robust database of sources for upcoming stories and daily opportunities for sources to secure valuable media coverage.

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