Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What information do you need from me to get started?


1- Closing location preference
2- Preferred mailing address for documents
3- If taking title as an individual: marital status
4- If taking title as a business entity: entity name and organizational documents
5- Lender contact information, if applicable


1- Closing location preference
2- Preferred mailing address for documents
3- Existing survey.
4- Homeowner’s association contact information, if any.
5- If you have a mortgage, payoff information- loan number, bank contact information and social security number. Feel free to contact us with this information.

2.  Should I be present for closing?

We’ve designed our closing to revolve around your convenience, not a closer’s schedule.  With Blue Title, the parties always choose where they want to sign.  Of course, we would love to have you in our office on Hwy 30A.  However, you may prefer the comfort of your favorite recliner or kitchen table.  Where you sign is totally up to you!

3. What items should I bring to closing?

1- Photo Identification. A valid state-issued driver’s license, passport, or state-issued identification card are all acceptable.
2- Funds for closing. Funds may be wired to our secure escrow account or delivered with a certified check payable to Blue Title, LLC.
3- Any unsatisfied items required by the lender as a pre-condition to closing.
4- Any keys, remotes, or amenity passes to the property, if applicable.

4.  Will I need to have documents notarized?

Yes, you will likely need to have your signature on documents notarized.  However, our licensed title agents are certified notaries and will be able to take care of any notary needs that may arise.

5.  Where is your office located?

Blue Title is located at the intersection of Hwy 98 and E. County Hwy 30A near Shades restaurant. The physical address is:

10952 E. County Hwy 30A, Suite B
Inlet Beach, Florida 32413

6.  What happens at closing?

At closing, you will meet with an attorney or licensed title agent who will review with you a series of documents that have been specifically prepared for your closing.  Our staff will ensure you fully understand each document you sign.  If you choose to do a mail-away closing, your closing agent will be readily available to you via phone or email for questions and assistance.  For more details regarding the closing process, access our services page here.