Blue Title promises a different experience altogether.

Why will no one return my phone call? Where is my earnest money? Who is handling my file? When is closing?

These are just some of the frustrations expressed in relation to many title companies. Blue Title promises a different experience altogether.  We pledge to be immediately responsive, deeply knowledgeable and unfailingly credible with all of our clients.  If you trust us with your transaction, this is the very least you should expect.  Take a moment to learn why we’re different.

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Unlike most title companies, we love to get involved early. In fact, many times we start well before the contract is actually signed. We assist by estimating closing costs, researching tax issues, discovering liens, informing about the closing process and advising on complex transactions. Over the years, we’ve found that our early involvement generally leads to a less stressful and more cost-efficient closing.

Escrow Agent

Once a purchase contract is signed, we hold the earnest money deposit in escrow. We take this role very seriously and have stringent procedures in place to ensure all escrow funds are completely secure. Information regarding escrow funds is always available to the parties. We are proud of our flawless escrow account track record and our thoroughly transparent procedures regarding escrow funds.


Your real estate deals are your business to share, not ours. We treat all transactions as confidential and do not divulge the amounts, parties or properties to anyone.

Closing Convenience

We work hard well before the closing to guarantee that none of our clients have to work hard at the closing. There is nothing more frustrating than an ill-prepared closing agent or an unnecessary last-minute fire drill. Whenever possible, we do the work early, clearly communicate the information and treat closing as the well-deserved consummation.
Additionally, we’ve designed our closing to revolve around your convenience, not some nameless closer’s schedule. With Blue Title, parties always choose where they want to sign. Of course, we would love to have you in our office on Hwy 30A. Or perhaps the comfort of your favorite recliner sounds better. Where you sign is totally up to you!

Closing Costs

We want to be your go-to resource for all your real estate questions. Check out our  online calculator. We are in the process of developing our own iPhone and Android apps for easy closing cost calculations on the go. Email us to receive a closing cost estimate.

Title Insurance

One of our primary roles in the closing process is to provide title insurance.  Title insurance provides the buyer or lender with confidence in their new asset or collateral.  As soon as we receive a file, we quickly search the title history.  After reviewing the search report, we immediately notify the parties if there are any issues related to the ownership of the property, its marketability or the presence of any abnormal liens and restrictions.
In essence, we verify for everyone involved the true state of the property.  Given the potential for errors in the public record, real estate fraud and innumerable issues that can relate to a parcel of property, this is critically important.  For a one-time fee, we provide the parties with total assurance that their title to this new property is valid and enforceable for as long as they own the property.  And we back that up with an insurance policy issued by a national underwriter for the full purchase price or loan amount.


Once closing occurs, we immediately disburse funds.  To guarantee accuracy and speed, we generally wire or overnight all payoffs.  And commission checks are typically hand delivered the same day.  It’s our responsibility to make sure timely and accurate disbursements are made and we have implemented procedures to make that happen on every closing.


Closing documents and policies are delivered quickly after closing.  We also maintain impeccable files.  As a result, we welcome our clients to contact us any time if they have a need related to their property.  Once we close a deal, we are committed to servicing the needs of that property and the parties involved for as long as necessary.

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